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We know that DAD spends a fair amount of time talking about drum & bass, any that the current EDM scene isn't as big into drum & bass as they have bee

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We know that DAD spends a fair amount of time talking about drum & bass, any that the current EDM scene isn't as big into drum & bass as they have been (or, truthfully, could be). Leave it to Dieselboy, an American drum & bass ambassador, to bring the current crop of dance music fans up to speed. He's one of the most technically-sound DJs in the game, and comes with some of the best concepts in the game. He told DOA that the idea behind this new mix, BEYOND THE BLACK BASSLINE, was that "this mix is an introduction to a facility that is like...dark, tripped out and futuristic. A place to experience, to open your mind to new things." We know that Skrillex loves his drum & bass, so it makes sense that Dieselboy aligns with Skrillex's Nest HQ site to launch his huge mix.

Let me just say, I've sat with this mix for a bit, and it's by far one of the best mixes I've heard in a while, possibly one of the best of 2013. At 82 minutes, this one comes on strong and does NOT let up. There are a number of intricate details, double drops, and just a rough and rugged selection. It's not just the aggressive sound Dieselboy's known for, with tracks from Fracture, Amit, and Icicle thrown into this set. Truly awe-inspiring, and if you wanted to catch a glimpse of the drum & bass scene, grab this monster TODAY!



Dieselboy + Sonic Mayhem - The Human Institute (VHS Edition) // PLANET HUMAN

Phace + Misanthrop + Mefjus - Twisted // NEOSIGNAL

Alix Perez - Burn Out Feat Phace + Misanthrop // SHOGUN [CLIP]

TC - Get Down Low // DONT PLAY [CLIP]

Optiv + BTK - No Way Out // VIRUS

DC Breaks - Shaman // RAM

Kasra + Enei - So Real (Mefjus Remix) // CRITICAL

NuLogic - Tripping In Space // HOSPITAL

June Miller - Change Feat Sofie Letitre // RAM [CLIP]

BTK - Be Yourself // HARDWARE

Loadstar - Dr Karg // RAM

Wilkinson - Direction // RAM

Enei - The Moment Feat DRS // CRITICAL

Xtrah - Soundclash // CRITICAL

Enei - Elephants // CRITICAL

Prolix Feat MC Coppa - Interlace // PLAYAZ [CLIP]

Phace + Misanthrop - Motor // NEOSIGNAL

Octane + DLR - Set Up The Set Feat Script // DISPATCH

Mefjus - Signalz // CRITICAL

Ulterior Motive + FD - Drum Circle // SUBTITLES

Caspa Feat Mighty High Coup - On It (TC Remix) // DUB POLICE

Skism - Red Heat (TC Remix) // NEVER SAY DIE

Metrik - Drift // VIPER

Trei + State Of Mind - Breed // SOM

Loadstar - Black And White Feat Benny Blanks // RAM

Dirtyphonics - Prelude (Black) // DIM MAK

Sub Zero - Run N Hide (Konichi Remix) // PLAYAZ

Digital + Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) // PHANTOM AUDIO

Vela - Lose It (Loadstar Remix) // AATW

Document One - Moving Together Feat Maksim + Katarina (TC Remix) // BUYGORE

Rene LaVice - Regrets // RAM

Enei - Machines // CRITICAL

Telekinesis - Always Awake // BLACKOUT MUSIC [CLIP]

Upbeats - Beyond Reality // VISION

Hazard - Time Tripping // PLAYAZ

Xtrah - Going Deeper // SHOGUN LIMITED

Telekinesis - Diablo // BLACKOUT MUSIC [CLIP]

Metrik - Freefall Feat Reija Lee VIP // VIPER

Mat Zo + Porter Robinson - Easy (Andy C Remix) // ANJUNABEATS

Loadstar - Refuse To Love // RAM

Original Sin - You Scream // PLAYAZ

John B - The Journey (Instrumental Mix) // BETA

Mark Instinct - CNTRL // ROTTUN

Future Cut - Whiplash (Verb Remix) // HARDWARE

Loadstar - Warrior // RAM

Bass Brothers - Jamaican Thug // RADIUS

Icicle - Timer // SHOGUN

Caspa - War Feat Keith Flint (Hazard Remix) // DUB POLICE

Usual Suspects - Killa Beez (Inside Info Remix) // HARDWARE

Maldini - Party Time // HOSPITAL

Mark Knight - Nothing Matters Feat Skin (Noisia Remix) // TOOLROOM

Loadstar - Vatican Roulette // RAM

Mikal - Epic // METALHEADZ [CLIP]

Amit - Killer Driller // METALHEADZ

Upbeats - One Step // VISION

Dom - Goliath // DRP

Nouwa - Wild West // OBSESSIONS

BTK - Megahertz // HARDWARE

Original Sin - Therapy VIP // PLAYAZ

Upbeats - Thrasher // VISION [CLIP]

Machine Code - Dischord // SUBSISTENZ

Evol Intent + Noisia - The Liquid // VISION

Optiv + BTK - Drop The Funk // PLAYAZ

DJ Hazard - Air Guitar // PLAYAZ

Optiv + BTK - Bad Attitude // BLACKOUT

Optiv + BTK - Mind Control // VIRUS [CLIP]

Dieselboy + Bare - Beyond Thunderdome (Original Sin Remix) // HUMAN IMPRINT

Counterstrike - The Z-Word // ALGORYTHM

Birdy Nam Nam - Goin Down (Skrillex Remix) // OWSLA [CLIP]

Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day Feat Foreign Beggars (Prolix Remix) // BSE

Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day Feat Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix) // BSE

Upbeats + Noisia - Loudmouth // VISION

Phace + Misanthrop - Progression // NEOSIGNAL [CLIP]

Dirtyphonics - Walk In The Fire // DIM MAK

Dieselboy - Tomorrow, Today // PLANET HUMAN

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