Premiere: UZ Completes His Influential 'Trap Sh*t' Series With 'Trap Sh*t 23/25'

The trap enigma UZ's "Trap Sh*t" journey has come to an end.

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When the EDM scene started embracing the 808-heavy sound of trap music in the summer of 2012, there were a few names making immediate waves, with Flosstradamus and Baauer leading a pack that was being championed by the likes of Diplo. Another, more mysterious entity crept into the scene; going by the moniker UZ, this masked marauder was so onto this "trap shit" that he took the world by storm with a series of infectious instrumentals, thus creating his highly-influential "Trap Sh*t" series. DJs ate the tracks up, producers started digging into their batch of ASCII characters to imitate UZ's quirky way of tagging his beats, and even more bedroom producers started adopting a more mysterious aura to help sell themselves.

Over the last few years, as both his individual style and the sound of EDM evolved, UZ's strayed from the "Trap Sh*t," and today marks the end of this collection of tracks... but not before UZ goes out with a bang. Trap Shit 23/25 highlights both the beginning of UZ's sound and gives a glimpse of where he plans on heading. "Trap Sh*t V23" is more of the trademark minimal trap styling from UZ, with hypnotic melodies slinking up and down this triumphant banger. "Trap Sh*t V25" starts in a similar manner, with the rhythm building to a more Jersey club-ish vein throughout. It makes sense that "Trap Sh*t V25" would end on this note, considering that UZ's dived into different tempos over the last year, which we'll be hearing on his next EP, which we're told is said to drop soon.

After remixing Ice Cube, guest mixing for Diplo, and helping define an entire movement, UZ's put in enough work to leave one particular sound behind. The onus is on you to continue to ride with the mystery, and be ready for where his dancefloor-ready sound will take you.

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