News Anchors Pay Tribute to Biggie by Rapping His Lyrics on Live TV

The squad at WSB-TV made sure to keep Biggie all up in their broadcast on March 9.

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Over the last two decades, it has been customary for fans of The Notorious B.I.G. to take some time on March 9 and celebrate his legacy; word to Canibus for turning the day the world lost Biggie into a thing. On March 9, 2017, the internet was set ablaze with scores of tweets, tributes, and memories about the man who was taken from the game and this earthly plain 20 years ago. Hell, on this very URL we not only looked back at Biggie's legendary funeral procession and how the game would have been different if Big was still here. Most outlets don't have the bandwidth to do full-on tribute pieces, but when it comes to Atlanta news station WSB-TV, they do things in their own way.

Similar to news anchor Mark Arum's 2016 tribute to Phife Dawg, Arum and fellow anchor Fred Blankenship made sure they peppered their March 9 broadcast with memorable lines from the Notorious one. Blankenship kicked things off, letting the people know that there were "delays right now on Georgia 400 and if you don't know, now ya know, about those." Arum jumped right in: "I know you thought birthdays were the worst days, but I think Thursday might be the worst day."

Blakenship also gets points for finding a way to insert "cats named Pablo in milked out Diablos" into a news broadcast.

Check out their Biggie masterpiece up above, and let this be a lesson to you: even if you don't work in the rap game, that doesn't mean you can't find a way to spread love; it's the Brooklyn way.

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