This Traffic Reporter's Tribute to Phife Dawg Live on TV Is Amazing

Such an epic tribute for the legendary A Tribe Called Quest rapper.

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While the music world is still mourning the loss of Phife Dawg, one Atlanta traffic reporter did his part to pay his respects to the A Tribe Called Quest legend. WSB-TV's reporter Mark Arum took every opportunity he had this morning to show his appreciation for Phife, and even dropped a number of his lyrics live on air throughout the broadcast. Even better, Arum and lead anchor, Fred Blankenship, went back and forth with the word play at one point to further prove that Phife's lyrics and legacy will truly live on forever. And honestly, morning traffic reports are about as boring as you can get on TV, so it really wouldn't be a bad thing if they worked in Phife Dawg lyrics every morning. Just a thought, because who doesn't want to hear the lyrics, "Now here's a funky introduction to how nice I am, tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram," when watch the morning news. You can check out some of hip-hop's reaction to Phife's death here, and watch the TV broadcast above.

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