News Anchors Pay Their Respects to Prodigy by Rapping Mobb Deep Lyrics on Live TV

Those WSB anchors are back again, this time paying tribute to Prodigy via some of his classic lyrics.

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Less than a week ago, the squad over at WSB-TV in Atlanta paid tribute to 2Pac on his birthday by lacing their news coverage with 'Pac lyrics. With the sudden death of Prodigy earlier this week, Fred Blankenship and Mark Arum were back at it again on Wednesday, this time dropping Mobb Deep gems throughout their broadcast.

As usual, Blankenship set things off by calling Arum "our traffic prodigy," and Arum followed it up by working "last name English, first name Olde" (from "Drink Away the Pain") into his traffic report. Blankenship made sure to note that it was "'mobb deep' on the highway" and also said there were some "shook ones" out there.

Arum might have won, though, by talking about there being "numerous ways you can choose to earn funds" and saying that there was no traffic stopping you, before making a comment about how "you tweeting me, I'm tweeting right back at you" when dropping his Twitter handle towards the end.

With their Prodigy tribute being added to their tributes to 'Pac, Biggie, and Phife, I have to wonder what their green room is like? They blasting The Infamous and taking sips of OE before the show begins? And where was Linda Stouffer? Did she not approve of the 'Pac tribute and choose to sit this one out?

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