Premiere: Four Color Zack Flips a Classic Sample on "After Laughter"

Four Color Zack gets his Wu-Tang on for "After Laughter," a new one from Slow Roast's Goodies imprint.

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DJ Craze recently showed fans that he's just as ill on the production as he is on the turntables via his recent Off the 1, 2s EP, so it'd make sense that his  co-conspirator Four Color Zack would get down on the beats as well. The Seattle-based DJ has gotten his shine on before, with releases on Fool's Gold under his belt, but this time he's flipped a classic sample for Goodies, a sister label to Craze's Slow Roast imprint that focuses on free bangers, including tracks from Milo & Otis (with N.O.R.E. & Paul Wall), Aziz the Shake (with Teeko & Decap), and DJ Rafik, among others.

For true hip-hop heads, you'll know the sample off the rip; the Wu-Tang Clan used the same Wendy Rene cut for "Tearz" on Enter the 36 Chambers. It didn't start out as some kind of homage to the W, though. "Recently Craze and I were touring Australia, playing a bunch of bass parties and generally getting nuts," Zack told Complex via email. "I had been listening to this Wendy Rene track a lot during the downtime. By the time I got back to the airport to fly home, there were already a few ideas for a sample flip floating around in my head. I guess working on this was my way of unwinding after a few weeks of intense traveling. It also was a great excuse to watch old videos of Wu Tang performances."

Hopefully there were no tears shed in the making of this tune. You might be crying if you miss 2¢ on tour. Zack and Craze will be playing alongside DJ Sliink down in Austin, Texas on Oct. 28, while Zack hits Los Angeles on Nov. 18 on a bill that also features Milo & Otis and Nick Catchdubs. Mark your calendars!

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