Premiere: Craze Switches Up Styles on His 'Off the 1, 2s' EP

Craze steps down from the turntables to show how nice he is as a producer with 'Off the 1, 2s' EP.

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Music heads in the know should recognize how we've been riding with DJ Craze. Whether it's the latest movements with Four Color Zack as , looking back at his magnificent history as a DJ, or his behind-the-scenes with his Slow Roast Records imprint, dude's been an integral part of the DJ and electronic music scenes for almost two decades. Today, he releases his latest EP, Off the 1, 2s, which properly highlights on the production side.

Craze, who's currently touring Australia and Asia, normally speaks with his hands, but he made sure to point out that he's "excited for y'all" to check out his latest. If you know Craze, you know that his tastes vary, so it's dope to see that Off The 1, 2s is a great representation of the styles he likes to spin live. He recently explored the heavy "beats" style of electronic production, and the EP kicks off in that lane with "On the 1, 2," but switches styles quickly on "Worldwide," which marries dancehall influences with a swinging, bass-heavy groove. "Let Us In" is pure tear-the-club-up music, with an intoxicating mixture of hypnotic melody and crispy drums, while "Playa Hatas" gives the release a quirky cut that's dripping with swagger. The five-tracker is rounded out with "Last Breath," a deeper slice of trap bliss (with a slick tempo change midway) that's sure to be the final track on many a playlist this fall.

If anything, this release proves just how vital Craze is to the scene as a whole. It's one thing to be a dope DJ, and another to be a solid producer. To be able to combine the two, while keeping things fresh with multiple styles? Cats just don't do it like he does. Anyone still sleeping should consider Off the 1, 2s their wake-up call.

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