Premiere: Big Dope P and R3LL Take It to Jersey on "Prompto"

Big Dope P, R3LL, and DMP link up for a banger.

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The world of Jersey Club is weird; like anything, the sound thrived on New Jersey on the low, with kids searching for both an outlet and alternative to what was out there creating a movement. Sadly, the sound didn't really catch on until producers and DJs outside of New Jersey—including everyone from Diplo to Cashmere Cat and Lido—borrowed the style and got put on. It's a tricky line to cross; are the producers outside of Jersey paying homage or just jumping on a bandwagon?

For France-raised, London-residing Big Dope P, who's been rocking with the bass music sounds from all around the world, it's good to hear that he's linked with Jersey's R3LL for his new single, "Prompto," that's properly infused with a Jersey feel, but takes steps at bringing his "everything but the kitchen sink" flavor to the proceedings. P says that this track was made last summer "with help from R3LL and vocals from Da MoveIt Posse." He see it as a continuation of his Hit Da Blokk EP from the summer of 2015, "but with a Jersey Club touch." Like any exciting club banger, this one features some hip-hop swagger and bounce that will have you turnt from the windows to the walls.

"Prompto" drops via OWSLA's NEST imprint on February 15th.

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