Premiere: DJ Craze and Four Color Zack Take on Donald Trump, Trash EDM Producers With Third 2¢ Mix

Craze and Four Color Zack's new 2¢ mix perfectly sums up the "scary place" the world is currently at right now.

2¢ Pt. 3 Mix
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2¢ Pt. 3 Mix

"Don't be lead by the goddamn fools" is a line from Rae Sremmurd's "Take It or Leave It," which is featured on DJ Craze and Four Color Zack's new 2¢ mix, and it can play on a few levels: don't be lead by trash DJs who are making six figures (or more) a night, or the PEOTUS. Like the firsttwo mixes these two did, they are all about making statements, and with their third installment, Craze and Zack take on the quest for standing out as DJs in the EDM scene, Trump's impending presidency, the whole "Blue Lives Matter" malarky, and more.

"It’s our third 2¢ mix project and we’re still pushing to advance what DJing can be," they said about this new set. "Sometimes that means we’re turning up, sometimes acting a fool cracking jokes, and sometimes talking about real shit. The world is in a scary place right now, so this mix is a while ride of all of it."

It's lit that the art of DJing (real DJing) isn't just about how fast you can scratch or transition between two tracks. This is about finding the right pieces of audio to truly let the turntable say what you need. Grabbing throwback Ice-T comments to talk about the frustrations we have against police brutality in this country. Putting together a sad megamix of EDM tracks that have the exact...same...drop. Or just stitching together an anthem that says what many of us are feeling: "F*ck Donald Trump!" Hell, it can even be the quick sketches of these two trying to figure out what their fanbase's "squad name" should be.

Ultimately, if your favorite DJ's only claim to fame is their name-drop, they are doing it wrong. For the art of DJing to truly take shape, you need forward-thinkers like Four Color Zack and DJ Craze to push the scene forward. Not just with pristine track selection, but with hilarity and seriousness that carries weight, drops messages, and makes you shake your ass at the same time. Stream the full mix below.

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