DJ Craze's "New Slaves" routine dropped at the perfect time. With so much talk about #RealDJing at a time when people who are more about theatrics than actual DJ skill are making six figures per show, it's dope to see a decorated world champion DJ not only comment on the scene, but do it in a way where people can see that he's heads above the majority. What surprised me was how into the video the EDM blogosphere was. It's not like they're totally ignorant to DJ Craze's work, but for the number of scratch routines over the years he's thrown out there, combined with his history as a championship-winning DJ (which includes three consecutive DMC World Championships on his own, as well as US and World Team DMC championship wins), you'd think that more of his videos (or videos from DJs like Enferno and Shiftee) would get the same amount of love.

#RealDJing goes far beyond DJs not using sync buttons, and while we've seen critiques from guys like Art Department on what an Aoki or Laidback Luke really does during their sets, no one is putting in work during live shows on the level of someone like DJ Craze or A-Trak. And while we imagine many of you are up on Craze's history, we wanted to highlight some of the illest Craze routines and video you can find on YouTube. This includes a pair of his DMC World Championship-winning sets, some routines he's done for Native Instruments, and examples of the awesome display of skill that's been captured on video. Know that Craze has been doing this long before this "New Slaves" routine, and he'll continue to do so for years to come.