Premiere: Watch the Nightmares on Wax "N.O.W. Is The Time" Documentary

Directed by Rollo Jackson.

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Legendary UK producer Nightmares on Wax has had a career that spanned the globe, influencing many along the way. Coming up in the 1980s UK B-Boy scene, which had a strong adoration for New York hip-hop, Nightmares on Wax was noted for his creation of "trip-hop." This scene carried over many of the New York sounds and styles to the UK, merging them with NOW's own production. He would go on to work with groups such as De La Soul in route to creating his own classic albums Smoker's Delight and Carboot Soul, solidifying his mark on music.

On the 25th anniversary, renowned video director Rollo Jackson has directed a documentary based on Nightmares on Wax. From his humble beginnings, to the creation of his biggest hits, this documentary is further proof of the impact of the tenured producer.

Warp Records, whose 25th anniversary also coincides with NOW's, is also producing a special box set of Nightmares on Wax's remixes and unreleased material. Follow this link for more information, as well as tour dates for the 25th anniversary shows.

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