Louisiana Rapper Tokyo Vanity Is Threatening To Sue Young Thug Over "Best Friend"

Tokyo Vanity says that Young Thug took the concept of her song.

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Earlier today, Young Thug released the video for his new single "Best Friend," an utterly brilliant and warped video that matched the unorthodox nature of his lyrics. Louisiana rapper Tokyo Vanity has taken offense to what she feels is a straight up jack move by Thug and his team, claiming that they took the concept of her song "That's My Best Friend." In a few scathing Instagram posts, Tokyo called out Thug and his team, and even revealed that they invited her to the video shoot a few weeks ago:

It's unknown how Tokyo will go about proceeding with legal action; the songs are wildly different from each other besides them sharing the same name. It also looks like Thug and his director BeElBe recognized this and extended an olive branch, which she rejected. Hopefully this gets cleared up as soon as possible.

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