Kanye West's New Testament Is Here (Video)

It was more than just an honest troll.

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Last week the Complex offices received a postcard containing a vague and cryptic reference to a possible new Kanye West project titled Kanye West's New Testament. Our research turned up a bare Twitter and Facebook page, and the origin of the Kanye quote on the back of the card, but not much else which led us to believe that it certainly wasn't viral marketing for a new album from the DONDA camp.

The person running Twitter account broke his 12 day silence this morning, with an ominous tweet about the release of whatever Kanye West's New Testament is: 

Available June 10, 2014 at 8:00 PM (PDT) pic.twitter.com/1th0HcjihM

It turns out that Kanye West's New Testament is a fan-made mini-doc of a ton of his quotes set to the score from Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood, coupled with images of popular events in history. The 30 minute (!) documentary archives all of Kanye West quotes from 2013 to now, and will probably make you shed a tear. He's obviously the star of the show here, as the doc track's Ye's feelingsfrom manic to introspective set to images of Muhammad Ali, natural disasters, baptisms, statues and motorcycle stunts. It's perfectly DONDA, and seems like something Kanye would do.

The documentary is very well made considering how it was introduced last week, and whoever is behind this clearly took the rumors of Kanye releasing a full length spoken word album and ran with it. It all seems funny and overblown at first, but the mix of Kanye's words and the music and imagery have us in a trance-like state. If you have 30 minutes to spare, check out the video below.

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