Sure, we're all patiently waiting for Kanye West's new album—which we're hoping to hear sometime this summer—but it seems like someone took that excitement to new levels. Today, a postcard was sent to the Complex offices (posted above) that advertises Kanye West's New Testament and a release date of June 10.

After doing some digging, we came upon this Reddit thread with the same postcard and links to a Twitter and Facebook, each of which have only one post, and were started on May 29th. The Facebook only likes one other page, which is of a hip-hop site called Rap Basement. Kanye's fansite, KTT, also has a post on the proposed album title of New Testament, which was made five days ago on May 30.

On the flipside of the card, which was addressed to our contributing writer, Justin Davis, there's a message that reads "I only listen to people who are younger than me" along with a mysterious signature. On the lower left hand side, it looks like this card specifically is number 84 of 225. The quote used on the back of the card is actually a quote from Ye himself, featured in an interview from October of 2013.


What does this all mean? Who knows, but just off a first glance it doesn't appear to be official in any way. With Ye's X-Games performance this weekend, did folks get too excited? We think so. We'll update with any details when we find out what the hell is happening.

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