Chris Brown Is Off Probation, Court Closes 2009 Assault Case

Chris Brown's legal troubles have come to an end.

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After six years and numerous issues with the law, Chris Brown is finally off probation. TMZ has reported that the judge signed off on Brown's release from probation earlier today during a court hearing, after they backed off from a recommendation that he be thrown back into jail. This ruling also closes his assault case against Rihanna from 2009. 

Earlier this year Brown's probation was revoked after he was present in two nightclubs where shootings took place. His probation officer had a problem with the singer traveling to San Jose, to perform at the nightclub where Suge Knight was shot

TMZ reported however that the probation department has given a favorable review for Brown in his assault case, saying that he has completed his community service and his excuse for being in San Jose was satisfactory. Brown went to Twitter to express his joy soon after he left the court:


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