Premiere: Nef the Pharaoh Debuts His New, Self-Titled EP

Seven tracks and many jams.

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After Nef the Pharaoh dropped "Bitch, I'm From Vallejo" last year and then "Big Tymin" in January, we knew it was just a small matter of time before the 20-year-old rapper from California would become nationally catchy. Today, we're stoked to premiere Nef's self-titled EP, which features Ty Dolla $ign and YG on the "Big Tymin" remix. Those are the only guests. Otherwise, Nef the Pharaoh stands on his own two.

"Boss Me" is a jam, so is "Michael Jackson," so is "Meantime," and then "Come Pick Me Up" is Nef's exceptionally tender tribute to mom and dad. "You glamorize the hood and poverty," he raps. "I came from it."

Stream Nef the Pharaoh's self-titled EP below.

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