Tyler James Williams Spit a Fire Freestyle Over "6 God" on "Sway in the Morning"

"The Walking Dead" star has serious bars.

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Tyler James Williams has bars. Not the, "it's cute that you're an actor getting outside of your comfort zone so we'll celebrate your effort regardless" type of bars. Nu-uh. Williams has real-ass raps. There's nothing forced or faked about what he pulled on Sway in the Morning earlier today.

The former child star of Everybody Hates Chris and the current star of The Walking Dead actually has some history as a rapper. He spit a chilled-out verse on Sway's show in 2012, and the soundtrack for Disney's 2012 money Let it Shine had a few songs featuring Williams' rapping prowess. 

Two years later, Williams came back onto Sway's show to show off how much better he's gotten. It took Williams a minute to find his flows and get into a real groove—he had to feel out the beat and straighten his head out. By the 2:15 mark, Williams was able to shake off his sillies and get into a zone, going off-the-top over "6 God's" menacing beat for a minute straight. 

It was so good that Sway stood up, applauded, and yelled, "He's writing zombie flows and running laps around you [whack rappers]. And he said he ain't even gotta do it cause he's financially secure!" Sway knows all his facts on this one—half-way through his epic verse, Williams rapped/stunted, “An actor turned rapper who’s known around the world / And I can do this part-time cause I’m financially secure.” Oh damn. 

As Kanye taught us, acting checks are a helluva lot more than rapper paper: "What you after? Actor money." Could we see The Walking Dead actor go after some of that rapping paper a la Donald Glover? He's certainly got the bars (and money) for it.



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