Listen to Mick Jenkins' "11"

Mick Jenkins rails against current events in the Eric Garner inspired "11."

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Mick Jenkins is sneaking in one last track before 2014 comes to a close. Given current events across America, it's wholly fitting and timely too. Right after dropping the track, Jenkins took to Twitter to explain the meaning behind "11."

Jenkins' tweet and the Eric Garner-inspired "11" are encouraging moves from the Chicago rapper. As we've seen with J. Cole, and Killer Mike, and many other artists, the hip-hop community haven't been watching the news silently. In light of current events, and with so much social tension and protesting happening around the country, seeing hip-hop stars from across different generations use their platform for a greater social purpose is positive. How the subsequent music and the dose of reality it brings, however, can take its toll: 

Listen to the end for Jenkins' chilling repetition of “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” Stream "11" below.



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