Listen to Kid Cudi and King Chip's "Chillen While We Sippin'"

The duo once known as Almight GloryUS has a new track out courtesy of Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish.

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Remember Almighty GloryUS? If these past four years have been hazy for you, a refresher: In 2010, Kid Cudi was at his best, dropping Man on the Moon II, assisting Kanye West on "Gorgeous," and landing Complex covers. He was also touring, with Cleveland homie King Chip (then known as "Chip Tha Ripper") opening for many of his tour dates. As frequent collaborators and good friends, the pair formed the duo Almighty GloryUS, released one outstanding song, and *poof*—just like Child Rebel Solider, they gave the public one track and didn't move forward with any other releases. 

Now, thanks to producers Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish, a second Almighty GloryUS​ song has been freed from the vaults of 2010. Produced with aggressive drums and a cruising bass line by Blended and Inglish, "Chillen While We Sippin" is a nostalgic trip for any Cudi fan. "They say Cudder, what the fuck you on? / My shit is off the scale, get it going, get it gone," raps Cudi, alluding to his drug abuse at the time. For some "new" throwback Cudi x Chip, look no further.

Stream "Chillen While We Sippin'" below.



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