Did XXXTentacion Announce a Release Date for His Debut Album?

"This one is for the depressed ones, the lost ones."

XXXTentacion just announced a release date for an album called 17 via Instagram. It's set to drop on Aug. 25, the same day as Action Bronson's Blue Chips 7000.

In the same post, he described the project as “absolutely amazing,” saying that it’s “the first time I’ve put my all into a project.” But he also hinted that this album might not sound like his past body of work. He added that “if you listen to me to get hype or to not think, don’t buy this album, this one is for the depression, the depressed ones, the lost ones.”

A source from the rapper’s label, EMPIRE, says, “EMPIRE will be here to support XXXTentacion with the release when he decides to want to drop it.” That means X could withhold the album for whatever reason, as release dates almost always get pushed back.

The announcement comes after the rapper announced (also on Instagram) that he was “going to disappear for a little while” and also after he unexpectedly postponed The Revenge Tour for a second time. Both incidents came after a turbulent couple of weeks that had XXXTentacion caught in a violent beef with San Diego rapper Rob Stone, accidentally thrown into a barricade instead of a crowd by his own security, and allegedly punching a fan at a concert.

XXXTentacion has been known to unexpectedly drop new projects: in May of this year, the Florida rapper released Revenge, a short collection of eight of his newest songs at the time, including “Look At Me!” and the Diplo-produced “Looking for a Star."

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