Ja Rule Goes Off on 50 Cent: 'You Owe Me Your Life Boy'

The feud that will never die.

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If you know anything about 50 Cent, then you also know at least a little bit about his decades-long feud with Ja Rule. The two Queens rappers have simply never liked each other, and besides the stories of the physical blows, the feud has resulted in numerous shots fired on verses and other great burns.


That said, neither Fif nor Ja have really done much to stoke the flames of their feud for quite some time (the last public barb was Fif calling out his rival on Instagram after the Ja Rule backed Fyre Festival went up in epic flames.) Cue this morning, when Ja Rule woke up fired all the way up.

Fun hip hop FACT: @50cent is PUSSY...
Yeah I do @50cent got beat up, stabbed and shot what do you remember??? 😩 https://t.co/NDq3fLoLtr
Let’s be clear I mind my business... but for some reason @50cent keeps my name in his mouth... I think he’d rather have my dick in his mouth lmao... #bitchassnigga #ticklebooty
Yo @OsheaJacksonJr stay sucker free my brother... @50cent ain’t killing nothing ain’t letting nothing die... I smell pussy is that you fif lol...

Until Ja Rule mentioned O’Shea Jackson Jr., it was harder to pinpoint the exact cause of his tweet storm. He could’ve just woken up and remembered his eternal beef with 50 Cent—who knows, right? But 50 Cent is currently on a press round for his latest movie, Den of Thieves, in which he stars alongside Jackson Jr. (as well as Gerard Butler and Pablo Schreiber, a.k.a Pornstache from Orange is the New Black.) On a recent interview on Big Boy’s radio show, Big Boy asked 50 Cent about some of his past beefs. That’s when Ja Rule immediately entered the conversation.

“I told 50 when I met him,” Jackson Jr. said. “‘I like Ja Rule!’ I was a fan. I was into it. He came out, threw the CD right out my grandma’s car.”

Big Boy then asked if anything would happen if the two saw each other today—surely, in 2018, it wouldn’t be so fresh. “I would put him to bed,” 50 said.

Of course, it’s possible Ja Rule’s tweets could have been sparked by another piece of information about 50 Cent, or by nothing altogether. But whatever it was, it really got to him.

Come on let’s keep it a buck @50cent is my son my student young paddawan lol you owe me your life boy...
I own your soul @50cent 😂🤣😭 and EVERYONE sees it now... your my bitch!!!
And to all you journalist, bloggers, radio personalities DONT BE SCARED TO ASK @50cent why did he get an order of protection or did I whoop him out at the studio or did he talk to the feds... #bitchassnigga

Ja Rule even started responding to people who tweeted at him, but he wasn't about to show any mercy. 

We call them victims were I’m from... https://t.co/JhDqxFC3Lm

At the time of writing, Ja Rule ended his Twitter tirade by attempting to blackmail 50 Cent about something to do with a #Ticklebooty. If anyone knows what that is, please keep it to yourself.

Hey @50cent don’t make me expose you #Ticklebooty 😂🤣😭

Fif has yet to respond to Ja Rule. I’ll just be sitting over here from my front row seat eating popcorn until that happens.

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