Lil Yachty Talks Drake’s Support and How He Ended Up Working on ‘Her Loss’ in Exclusive ‘Rap Radar’ Clip

Lil Yachty speaks on 'Rap Radar' about his contributions to Drake and 21 Savage's 'Her Loss,' saying he'd been looking to "just be in the room" for years.

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Lil Yachty says Drake isn’t only a “good guy,” he’s also the GOAT.

The Georgia-born artist made the bold statement in a Rap Radar clip premiering exclusively on Complex. During the podcast sit-down co-hosted by Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Elliot Wilson, Yachty was asked about his relationship with Drake and his contributions to 2022’s Her Loss, Drizzy’s collaborative project with 21 Savage. Yachty received writing and production credits on a number of tracks, including “Major Distribution,” “Privileged Rappers,” “Circo Loco,” “Jumbrotron Shit Poppin,” and more.

Wilson declared Lil Boat “the genius behind” the No. 1 album and asked how his involvement came about.

“I, for a very long time, wanted to do anything involving music with [Drake],” Yachty said of his eventual “Oprah’s Bank Account” collaborator. “So I’ve been telling him for the last, like, I don’t know how many years, like, ‘Bro...can I even just be in the room? I just wanna soak it up and see how you do it. I wanna see you rap, I wanna anything, you know?’ For real. I just feel like he’s—to my opinion...the greatest rapper ever. And that’s my personal opinion. I ain’t arguing with nobody or their mama.”

The Let’s Start Here artist went on to say he always looked up to Drake and began communicating with him several years ago, when he didn’t feel fully embraced by the hip-hop community.

“He always loved my beat selection,” the 25-year-old continued. “He was one of the first people to post one of my albums and just be like, ‘Man, your beat selections are so crazy.’ And that’s crazy to hear from him, especially during times when nobody was really fuckin’ with me. Like, I never had many rap friends. I feel like a lot of the rap people I even hung around was because I was probably [in Quality Control]. … I probably would never met any of those people if I wasn’t QC.”

Yachty went on to say his involvement with Her Loss was an organic process that occurred after he and Drake started hanging out. “I don’t know, man, it just happened,” he said with a smile.

You can check out the exclusive clip via YouTube above.

Rap Radar comes from Warner Music Group’s new in-house network Interval Presents. The full episode, which premiered on Thursday via Apple Podcasts, addresses Yachty’s creative direction and lifestyle, as well as his expansive Let’s Start Here album. Check it out below via YouTube.

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