Forgetfulness apparently landed Latto behind bars.

On Thursday night, ATL rapper claimed she was once locked up for taking a loaded firearm to Los Angeles International Airport. She recalled the incident after a fan tweeted some of her lyrics from Mello Buckzz’s new track “Boom, Pt. 2.”

“I got lok’ed up in da airport,” the user wrote. “GODAMN forgot da gun.”

Latto simply replied with “True story!!!” prompting others to push for more details.

“Went to LAX w a loaded glock 17 in my Birk,” she replied. “Got locked & let out in a few hours lmaooo booked a $75k jet to my show in Alabama & still made it on time! 😮‍💨 no cap in my rap TUH.”

Latto didn’t reveal any more details about the incident, including what, if any, charges were filed. She did, however, clarify that it was unrelated to another police encounter.

“Wasn’t that the time you was telling that story in a interview about that female cop keep trying to make you cough hard @Latto” another fan asked.

“Nah that was in Atlanta lol,” Latto replied. “I was profiled for ‘looking like’ sum bitch that robbed a n***a … I’m not no robber man 😂 jail is NOT for me btw 🥴.”

On Saturday, she reiterated her statement by tweeting, "A mf answer a question for my fans & y’all think a bitch tryna flex going to jail lmao what."