Drake Responds to Bobbi Althoff Saying ‘Aubrey’s Not a Guy’s Name’ in Hilarious New Interview

Drake sat down with 'The Really Good Podcast' host Bobbi Althoff to discuss sex, dating, and more.

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Drake is defending his birth-given name.

The Grammy-winner born Aubrey Drake Graham made his case during his much-anticipated appearance on The Really Good Podcast with Bobbi Althoff. At the top of the interview, Drizzy introduced himself by his stage name, prompting the host to offer a correction.

"That's not your name," Bobbi said.

Drake acknowledged that Aubrey was, in fact, his legal name and explained his mom named him after a lawyer. Bobbi said she, too, was named after a real individual: a cheerleader her dad thought was "hot."

"My mom didn't like that very much," she said, before adding that her dad also considered naming her Larri—yes, with an "i."

Drake was clearly amused and confused by the factoid. The host suggested he was in no position to question her alternate name, as "Aubrey" wasn't a moniker traditionally bestowed onto boys.

"My mom named me Aubrey—a guy's name," he said.

"No it's not," Bobbi fired back. "Have you ever met a male Aubrey?"

"Yeah, you're looking at him," Drake said.

Bobbi then theorized that the OVO rapper didn't use his real name because it was "so bad." Drake insisted that wasn't the case, and said he went by "Drake" because it was shorter.

"People with two syllables are way less successful than people with one," he quipped. "Sorry...Larri."

"I go by 'Bob,'" she said.

The entertainingly awkward exchange set the tone for the remainder of the episode, which touched on everything from Drake's love for murder documentaries to his time on Degrassi and his marriage plans.

"If you could hook me up with anyone, who would it be?" he asked the host, who threw out Beyoncé's name.

"OK, someone else, 'cause Beyoncé's married," Drake said. "Pick someone else. It doesn't have to be someone famous...I probably will end up marrying someone that's not famous. Famous people really aren't that...aren't that anything. They're not that intriguing."

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