Desiigner Tells Fans He's Checking Into Mental Health Facility After Allegedly Exposing Himself on Flight

The rapper announced the decision in a lengthy Instagram post Thursday, just days after he was allegedly busted for exposing himself on an international flight.

Desiigner TMZ story lead image

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Desiigner TMZ story lead image

Desiigner says he’s seeking mental health treatment after he allegedly exposed himself during a flight.

The Brooklyn-born rapper announced the decision via Instagram on Thursday, saying he has been “struggling” for months and was “ashamed” of his actions. Insiders told TMZ the incident happened over the weekend, after Desiigner performed shows in Thailand and Tokyo. At some point during the trip, the “Panda” artist was reportedly prescribed medication at a hospital. 

Sources said Desiigner believes the pills caused him to have a chemical imbalance, which may explain his behavior during the flight home. According to the outlet, the rapper exposed himself on the aircraft and was reprimanded by a flight attendant. Once the plane landed in Minneapolis on Monday, Desiigner was stopped and questioned by law enforcement. It’s unclear if he was hit with any criminal charges, but was reportedly released shortly after.

“For the past few months I have not been OK, and I have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on,” he wrote in an Instagram Stories post. “While overseas for a concert I performed at, I had to be admitted in to a hospital, I was not thinking clearly. They gave me meds, and I had to hop on a plane home. I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back to the states, and am admitting my self in a facility to help me. I will be cancelling all of my shows and any obligations until further notice. Mental health is real guys, please pray for me. If your not feeling like yourself please get help.”

desiigner posts message about mental health

The news comes months after Desiigner announced he was quitting rap in light of Takeoff’s death in November.

“Yo, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. This version of me is done,” he said in a livestream. “I can’t live like this no more. … Why do we fucking do this? I swear this shit ain’t nothing. I’m done rap. It’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done. Not Takeoff, bro. It’s done.”

He followed up the stream with an IG Story that read: “I’m done rap.”

Desiigner walked back his retirement announcement several weeks later, telling fans he had no plans to quit and was simply speaking “out of emotions.”

“The truth is in me, being able to let out a good cry [it helped] me see things more clearer now,” he said. “I’m excited to keep sharing the gift of music that God gave me to y’all.”

The rapper was gearing up to release his long-awaited album, reportedly titled New Color.

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