Cam'ron Apologizes to Ben Simmons After Claiming They Almost Fought

Cam issued the apology after recalling a tense encounter with the Brooklyn Nets star: "I thought that it was something that it wasn’t."

Cam’ron is owning up to his mistake.

In the latest episode of It Is What It Is, the Harlem-born rapper attempted to clear the air with Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons, whom he has frequently criticized over the past two seasons. Cam specifically apologized for the comments made in the January 22 broadcast, when he described a tense and near physical encounter between him and the NBA point guard.

“I just want to apologize, ‘cause there’s a miscommunication it seems like between me and Ben Simmons,” he began. “We have a mutual friend, we spoke. Not a lot of details need to be said, I just wanna express my apologies because I thought it was something that it’s not. And we have to take into consideration what Ben goes through not playing through all these years, how he gets heckled, so and so forth.”

He continued: “I just want to clear that up… We have to take into consideration that Ben has been getting heckled the last couple of years and it’s probably not fun for him. Probably not fun at all.”

Cam’s podcast co-host, Mase, was understandably amused by the whole situation, as Cam had made such a big deal about a nonexistent beef. 

“I can’t believe you, Cam. Come on,” Mase said. “This is why you can’t trust Cam. You have too many friends in the industry. I don’t even wanna know who called him (Cam)… You want the truth, you gotta come to me.”

“I’m just sayin’ I thought that it was something that it wasn’t,” Killa Cam added. “That’s all I’m saying.”

The Dipset founder doesn’t bite his tongue when it comes to critiquing Simmons’ disappointing career. He previously called the three-time NBA All Star a “disgrace” and suggested he “go the fuck with the Kardashians” if he refused to up his game and take basketball more seriously. 

Earlier this week, Cam recalled coming face-to-face with Simmons at the end of the Lakers vs. Nets game in Los Angeles. Cam said he was walking toward the athlete, who has been sidelined with a back injury, and was preparing for full-on brawl; but as we now know, Simmons ultimtately walked right past him.

“Why would you play these games with me?” Cam’ron asked during the podcast episode. “If you don’t like what I say, I rather a n***a just be like, ‘Yo Cam, I wasn’t feeling that shit, you don’t understand, I’m really hurt, I’m really going through something.’ Those ain’t the games to play and live in New York at the same time… And that’s not a threat. I’m just saying.”

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