Jessie Reyez Speaks out on Industry Sexism in Her "Gatekeeper" Short Film

The powerful film tells the true story of an incident years ago where a prominent industry figure sexually harrassed the Toronto singer/songwriter.

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"Gatekeeper" is already one of the most powerful songs on Jessie Reyez's new EP Kiddo, but now the Toronto native has just dropped a short film that recounts the story behind the song in harrowing new detail.

One doesn't have to read between the lines too much to understand the song: Jessie tells a story about a prominent industry individual who sexually harassed her and tried to take advantage of her years ago. He calls himself the "gatekeeper" to the industry the young singer so badly wanted to be a part of, and makes his expectations known: "Don't you know you're supposed to get drunk and get naked?"  In addition to a three-minute long cut, there's also an extended short film that replays the night's events in chilling detail. 

Reyez narrates the film which becomes increasingly difficult to watch as the night's events unfold, and while she is clearly overwhelmed and upset by the experience, she bravely stands up not only to the individual in question but to the misogynistic structure of the industry as a whole by ending with, "Fuck that." Jessie also shared a powerful open letter to the person in question on her Twitter account when she announced the short film.

Be sure to take in the incredible "Gatekeeper" short film above. As dark and uncomfortable as it is, this is the reality of many women trying to break into the industry, and something we all need to stand up against. 

"Gatekeeper- Short Film" is OUT
...the whole story behind the song

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