T-Pain on Why He Decided to Get a Tattoo of That Jackie Chan Meme

In an interview with Insider, T-Pain explained why he decided to get a tattoo of the confused Jackie Chan meme on the back of his hand nearly a decade ago.

T-Pain speaks on stage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Image via Getty/Kevin Winter

T-Pain speaks on stage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

T-Pain has the confused Jackie Chan meme tatted on the back of his right hand, and in a recently published interview with Insider, he explained the story behind it. 

“It was just fun to put that [hand up] while these people are talking to me and not even have to make that expression,” T-Pain said. “It was funny as hell to have people look at [the tattoo] when they’re telling me stupid shit.”

“The hand just says it all: ‘Stop talking to him,’” he continued.

Back in 2016, Vicereported that T-Pain shared a photo of the tattoo in a since-deleted Instagram post shortly after getting it done in July 2012, with the caption, “What does Reddit think about my ultimate face palm tattoo?”

Jackie Chan himself apparently became aware of his new online meme fame in 2013 when he posted the image on his Facebook with the following text: “I am an Internet meme?”

Around the time of the confused Jackie Chan meme’s peak prominence, it was well-documented that T-Pain loved himself some memes, and for a long time, people didn’t attach a hidden meaning to that particular ink.

T-Pain is believed to have around 12 tattoos, including ink that reads, “You don’t have to Like me,” which borrows from the Facebook’s Like button. “I think this ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o,” he jokingly wrote on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of the new ink.

He also has a tattoo on his neck that reads, “Tattoo.” 

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