Prince’s Family Sues Illinois Hospital and Walgreens Over His Death

Prince died in April of 2016.

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Prince’s family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Illinois hospital that treated the singer following his opioid overdose around one week before his untimely death. The suit attempts to draw into question the care that Prince received when his flight home from an Atlanta show was forced to take an emergency landing in Illinois.

The suit alleges that the Trinity Medical Center in Illinois was a “direct and proximate cause” for Prince’s death since they allegedly didn’t appropriately diagnose and treat his overdose. When the singer’s private plane made an emergency landing, his longtime friend Kirk Johnson informed paramedics that the singer had taken a Percocet after his show, which then turned out to be two pills. However, Nicole Mancha, the doctor who treated him at the hospital, questioned the claim since it took two shots of Narcan to revive him.

Prince left the hospital after refusing to undergo further testing, even though the Trinity Medical Center medical staff told the singer that they could not let him leave unless they knew what he had taken, "because you could die depending on what it is." Before leaving, a pharmacist at the hospital allegedly confirmed that the pill Prince had in his possession was Vicodin. It turned out to be a black market version that contained high levels of fentanyl. Prince died one week later of a fentanyl overdose. 

Walgreens is listed in the suit because the pharmacy chain was allegedly responsible for providing Prince with the opioid medication and "failing to conduct the appropriate drug utilization review."

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