Ice Spice Speculates About Her Parents' Reaction to 'Like..?' EP Cover, Talks Dating Life

Ice Spice spoke with Ebro Darden about a variety of topics, including working on a full-length album and the origin of her hit song "Munch."

Fresh off the release of the Like..? EP, Ice Spice opened up about her personal life, creative process, and the arrival of her debut album with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1. 

The Bronx native tapped Lil Tjay to be the lone feature on the six-track project, explaining that the decision was rooted in her desire to have a “real genuine collab,” and considering their year-long friendship and ties to the Bronx, she couldn’t think of anyone else better suited to hop on “Gangsta Boo.”

As for the title, which also happens to be the name of the recently deceased hip-hop icon, Ice Spice said, “I made the song before she passed. Right before, actually. So, yeah. That was real sad, very exact coincidence.”

When asked about her dating life, the 23-year-old admitted to not even having time for herself, let alone someone else. “I just want to play…I be even having to struggle to find time for myself really,” she explained. “So, how I’m going to find time for somebody else? Even for family and friends, and myself, I’m still like that little bit of time that I be having on the side is for them and me. N***as come last.”

While she may not have much time to spend with her family, Ice Spice knows her parents are supportive of her career, though she anticipated her father might have a few reservations about the Like..? cover once he gets the chance to see it. “You couldn’t do a different pose?” she said she can imagine him asking, since she’s “his baby girl.”

“But that’s my pose, feel me?” she told Ebro. Her mom, on the other hand, was likely to be more accepting of the art, being—as the “In Ha Mood” rapper puts it—a baddie herself.

Even though we’re only a week removed from Like..?​​​​, there is already anticipation for Ice Spice’s debut album, which she has tentatively marked down for later this year. “Most likely this year. since I’m going to have 10 songs, something like that or whatever, definitely going to be different vibes in there, for sure,” she told Ebro. “I don’t want to talk too much on it because, you feel me? But got to keep the secret sauce a secret.”

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