Fat Joe Reflects on Apologizing to Someone He Accused of Stealing During Friend's Funeral

The two have not seen each other in seven years prior to his apology.

Image via Getty/Theo Wargo

Fat Joe recently opened up about apologizing to someone he had wrongly accused of stealing in the past.

Joe attended the funeral of longtime friend and Terror Squad member Raul Conde earlier this month. According to Daily Mail, DJ Khaled, N.O.R.E. and Scott Storch were also in attendance. The Bronx native took to Instagram last month to reflect on the passing of Conde, who died at the age of 52 from a fatal heart attack.

"My Day 1 how can a man love another man more than your own biological family," he wrote. "You are 1 of 1 the most loyal EVER. We did it since kids we did everything we dreamed of i love you with every fiber in my body. I thought we’d get old together and look back at the times we had and laugh. No one understood me like you, you were God sent my brother I wish I could get one last talk with you."

While mourning the loss of one friend, Fat Joe noticed another friend whom he has not spoken to in seven years. "In the middle of the speech, I said, 'Yo, I'm sorry, brother,'" he recalled. "'I accused you of something that you didn't do. I'm sorry.' Fat Joe goes and humbles himself...in front of everybody."

The friend that received an apology from Fat Joe may have been the one who was accused of stealing millions from the rapper. The Terror Squad Entertainment founder discussed the fallout with his "best friend" of 25 years in an interview with Earn Your Leisure.

"So when I go through the taxes, there’s something called a forensic accountant," he said. "We looking at everything and my new accountant looks at me and he [bowed his head]. It says here your best friend is stealing your money and it goes back years. He’s paying his kids’ school, buying his cars with your accounts. We shared accounts where he could just go in my account and get whatever he want."

It's unclear if the friend accepted Joe's apology.

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