Fat Joe Reflects on Best Friend Stealing Millions From Him: 'I Got My Heart Broken'

The Terror Squad rapper said he "feared for his safety" after confronting the unnamed individual.

Terence Rushin / Getty Images

Fat Joe is opening up about getting robbed of millions by a man he considered his "best friend."

During a conversation with Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure at Earn Your Masters’ Art Basel Edition, the Terror Squad rapper shared how his friend stole his money for years, but began the conversation by explaining how close he was to this individual.

“I got my heart broken so many times. I had a best friend, the man was with me every single day for 25 years. I would have died for this person. Or allegedly killed somebody for this person,” Joe explained. "If Fat Joe bought a Lamborghini, I bought him a Lamborghini. If I bought anything, he had anything."

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Fat Joe continued by revealing how he came to the realization that his friend was stealing money from accounts that Joe had given him access to.

"So when I go through the taxes, there’s something called a forensic accountant," he shared. "We looking at everything and my new accountant looks at me and he [bowed his head]. It says here your best friend is stealing your money and it goes back years. He’s paying his kids’ school, buying his cars with your accounts. We shared accounts where he could just go in my account and get whatever he want.”

According to Joe, after confronting the unidentified friend about robbing him of his money, the Bronx native said the man “really feared for his safety.”

Joe added that while he was in sent to prison for tax evasion, where he spent four months behind bars between Aug. 2013 and Nov. 2013, he made sure that his wife was sending his friend "$10,000 a month so he don't look fucked up in the streets."

"All I could do was scream why, why, why, why?" Joe recalled of confronting his friend. "'Cause I would've gave him anything. Betrayal is hard when you deal with loyalty."

Joe's former friend was subsequently "cast away" from the rapper's inner circle, though he refused to identify who the culprit was.

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