Sorry Kim K, Taylor Swift Is Now the Most Followed Person On Instagram

It might have just been Kanye West that gained Taylor more followers.

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Kim Kardashian made headlines when she beat out Queen Bey for the title of most followed person on Instagram. While the title couldn't help her sister Kendall Jenner from beating her own record for most likes, Kim has now been dethroned thanks to another star: Taylor Swift. The reigning princess of pop is now also the ruling queen of Instagram amassing 45.5 million followers on the social network (which is 100,000 more than Kim's 45.4 million). With her Swift squad at her side, every celebrity and 1989 tour guest from Ciara and Russell Wilson to Fetty Wap making cameos, Cara Delevigne's boobs and her two cats, Taylor has all the makings of the perfect Instagram account.

The thing that might have tipped the singer over the Instagram edge? None other than Kim's other half Kanye West. The other half of Kimye sent the singer flowers after last week's VMAs. While he was probably thanking Taylor for introducing his MTV Video Vanguard Award/inviting her to be his running mate in the 2020 Presidential election, one quick glance shows that picture is easily her most liked by nearly a million likes. Kim is probably following her own Instagram advice and starting her next selfie book or buying some impossibly cute outfits for Nori to win back the title, though. In the meantime, we're sure Taylor is going to keep on being Taylor.

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