Kim Kardashian's selfie-based book Selfish is truly artistic in it's own right. While you'd likely roll your eyes at the sheer thought of someone curating and publishing a book that consists of nothing but images of themselves, when you're as famous as Kim Kardashian, even the most mundane parts of your life are game for public consumption.

While flipping through the nearly 450 pages of images, you can see that several pictures include hand-written captions, seemingly scrawled in by Mrs. Kardashian-West herself. These little bits of text give insight into even the most personal aspects of her private life, and add context to the photos she's generously shared within the book. While we can't show every image here (we wouldn't want to spoil everything for you), we couldn't help but point out some of the more curious, bizarre, and simply interesting facts that Selfish​ has tucked in between its pages. As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words, so you can imagine how much Selfish has in store. These are 16 Surprising Things We Learned From Kim Kardashian's New Selfie Book.