When you perform on the world's largest stages for audiences of over 60,000 strong, a guest appearance next to Taylor Swift is worth its weight in gold. The Swift Squad was mostly comprised of all the artists you’d find on your little sister’s iPod, but with her recent investments in the Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and now Fetty Wap, Swift's friend portfolio is diversifying exponentially.

T-Swift delights in surprising her fans, and the 1989 World Tour has been filled with them. Just as much as we’re sure she’d like to soak up the spotlight herself, Taylor Swift always seems to be willing to share, making room on stage for anyone she deems worthy. Her special guest appearances range from classic country stars to Billboard champion Fetty Wap.

Here’s a list of all the people Taylor Swift has put on during her world tour.