Previously Unreleased Footage of a Young Beyoncé Is on Sale for $3 Million

Previously unreleased footage of a 10-year-old Beyoncé performing with Girls Tyme is up for auction, but it will cost you a few million dollars.

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Previously unseen footage of a young Beyoncé performing can be yours, but it'll cost you.

UK-based auction house Ted Owen & Co shared a trailer of their latest acquisition: a series of "12 original professionally produced Betacam video tapes of Beyoncé Knowles" that "document the earliest music video appearance of Girls Tyme showcasing and starring a then 10 year old Beyoncé Knowles." The first clip is dated Aug. 2, 1992, before we ever knew Beyoncé as Destiny's Child, before she dominated the pop world as a solo act, and way before she turned her situation into a fury of Lemonade.

In the two-minute preview, you can see Beyoncé as the lead singer of the group Girls Tyme performing, practicing, rehearsing, and dancing alongside her group members Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, and LeToya Luckett. Of course, these four would later go onto form the first incarnation of Destiny's Child.

The description claims the tapes provide "two and a half hours of raw, unedited footage, original footage used to produce Beyoncé's first music video, lost for 20 years" along with "rare images that have never been seen by the public."

The early videos were obtained by auctioneers Ted Owen and Co., who plan to sell all of the tapes with bidding set to begin around $3.8 million. As of now, it's still unclear how Ted Own & Co, who posted the trailer and is auctioning the film, got their hand on the tapes. The complete collection of tapes are being offered in a closed auction with bids being accepted from Nov. 29 through Jan. 10, 2017.

Watch the preview above and get more details on the auction and the content of each of the 12 tapes right here.

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