Premiere: Watch Philthy Rich, Lil B, Mozzy, Mistah FAB, and Celly Ru Tour Oakland in "Barely Know My Name"

Philthy Rich grabs Lil B, Mozzy, Mistah FAB, and Celly Ru to take us through the streets of Oakland in the video for "Barely Know My Name."

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The Bay Area's own Philthy Rich comes through Wednesday with the hotly anticipated visual for hisSem City Money Man 4 cut, "Barely Know My Name." Of course, he couldn't bring the track to life without the assist from the song's features Lil B, Mozzy, Mistah Fab, and Celly Ru who all show up to lay down their individual bars as they take us on an intimate tour of Oakland. 

This is the last video from Philthy plans to release from his latest project, so he switches gears to give us a very rare glimpse at his earnest and serious side. The track speaks to the common misunderstanding people gain of people, and especially of rappers, from social media. Philthy takes us through a gritty, realistic look at Oakland to show that his life isn't all about women, money, and the finer things.

"I’ve got to deal with real shit just like everyone else," Philthy told Comlex over email. "Like life in general, like dealing with family members or friends passing away and locked up—both my grandmas passed away within a week of each other —to making sure you’re providing for your family. I’ve got two sons and if I go on the road to do shows for a week, that means I’m spending a week away from them, plus I’ve still got to get into the studio record songs then get them mixed and mastered to funding and setting up my own video shoots —it’s a lot."

"Barely Know My Name" is a visual extension of these day to day stresses for all guys involved when it comes to providing for their families, spending time with their kids, and the perpetual pressure to succeed. As Philthy tells us, "I’ve got to deal with people who hate to see someone like me succeed. But if you’re not ready for hate, then you’re not ready for success. Hate comes with success. My job might be different from other people’s jobs but we’re all dealing with the same shit at the end of the day. I don't let the haters get to me please don’t let social media fool you."

It's a touching tribute to the life these guys lead when they're not under the harsh eyes of the spotlight and a must watch video. Check out the whole thing above and be sure to listen to Philthy's entire Sem City Money Man 4 project here.

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