Mathew Knowles Says There Are "A Few" Destiny's Child Projects In The Works

He's eyeing a new album, tour, book, TV series and movie.

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It was documented long ago in Beyoncé's HBO Documentary Life Is But A Dream that the singer was driven at an early age to be perfect to gain her father's approval. She later severed ties with her father and then-manager to gain independence saying, "It was bigger than the record; it's bigger than my music."

In a new interview with the Huffington PostMathew Knowles explains that his work with Destiny's Child is not done yet. "I still manage the ladies...and I'm hopeful that within the next two to three years we'll see something major come from it." What is he hoping for? Well, new music and a tour of course, explaining he is "extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour." He also has his eyes on a "few Destiny's Child projects" including a book (written by him) and a TV/movie deal. “My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny’s Child," says Knowles. "I’m talking to the film and TV community right now, regarding a Destiny’s Child movie or TV series of some sort.”

No word from the actual members of Destiny's Child about any future plans but that's not to say the world isn't hoping for more of them in the future. Read the full interview over at Huffington Post.

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