Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Share Their New Video For "Brad Pitt's Cousin"

This is the duo's latest video off their recent album, 'This Unruly Mess I've Made.'

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If you've listened to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' recent album, This Unruly Mess I've Made, then you'll already be familiar with the track, "Brad Pitt's Cousin." The song details Macklemore pretending to the famous actor's cousin, where he makes a series of references to Angelina Jolie, cats, and Instagram. In the new video for the track, the duo traveled from the comforts of their homes in bathrobes on an elliptical, through airports, and then surprised some unsuspecting fans on the streets of who knows where. For a while, it seemed Macklemore provided endless material that left others laughing at him but this video might finally have us convinced that the Seattle rapper is in on the joke.

It seems that the Mitchell Overton and John Peterson-directed video is full of footage from the duo's current European tour. In true Macklemore fashion, the rapper tells fans, "My cousin Brad left his phone at my house. This is what happened...WE OUT HERE!!!" Yes, Macklemore is really out here rapping with cats and babies and through airport security machines. Watch the video above and be sure to stick around in the end to catch Macklemore rapping silently on a plane of people giving him weird looks. You can also revisit our recent Complex cover story with the duo here.

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