Premiere: Listen to Liana Banks' 'Insubordinate' Mixtape

Rising R&B artist Liana Banks shares her slinky new 'Insubordinate' mixtape.

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Queens native Liana Banks comes through today with the premiere of her new mixtape, Insubordinate.

The 12-track project boasts a collection of slinky bangers, including previously released tracks "Off," "LVLUP," and "Plead the Fifth," which was handpicked for Ebro's Beats 1 Discovered on Apple Music list. 

"When you filter your art, you suppress your truths. You in turn, water down your message, your essence is stripped and you mask your identity," Banks told Complex over email. "If you mask 'YOU,' how will anyone know who 'YOU' are? Fuck perception, Fuck Rules. ALWAYS DO YOU. Welcome to my no holds, zero fuck filled mixtape, Insubordinate."

Through a string of previous releases, Banks has been able to display her raw songwriting talent and ability to deliver tracks that meld her brand of R&B with trap-warped beats. The end result is a collection of sticky, reverberating anthems that stay locked in your head. She has already written songs for the likes of PnB Rock, Lily Allen's upcoming album, and more, but her new mixtape is a project that is wholly her own.

Get familiar with Liana Banks by listening to the premiere of her Insubordinate mixtape below.

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