Audio of Kanye West's 'Saturday Night Live' Backstage Rant Has Surfaced (UPDATE)

He calls Taylor Swift out during the rant.

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UPDATE 6:35PM: A source close to Kanye's camp clarifies the Saturday Night Live backstage audio that surfaced and says it was taken out of context. "He did NOT yell at SNL staff," the source says. "This audio was secretly recorded while he was venting his frustration in a private moment with his team." The source adds that the set changes occurred 30 minutes before his performance and that he was completely blindsided by it. Even with the changes, the rapper was in good spirits. "Kanye was seen hugging Lorne Michaels just before the goodnights and he stayed afterwards to chat with the staff and the cast, and thanked the producers on his way out the door."


Recent reports surfaced that Kanye West had a major meltdown backstage of Saturday Night Live ahead of his performance over the weekend. In an audio clip obtained by Page Six, West lets us know how he really feels about his recent drama with Taylor Swift and calls her a "fake ass." He proceeds to yell at NBC staff, saying, "Don't fuck with me." He also threatens to not do the show and says, "I went through six years of this fucking shit." He goes on to say that he is 50 percent more influential than any other human being, "dead or alive."

Recently, Kanye has been having similar rants on his Twitter timeline, including asking "white publications" not to comment on "black music" anymore. Following the Grammy Awards where 'Ye in fact did not win the award for Album of the Year that he was not nominated for, Kanye seemed to have a change of heart and began tweeting encouraging messages to fans. That positivity continued today when Kanye publicly acknowledged his ego and the fact that it has been his "number one enemy" for the first time ever. It's anyone's guess why Kanye has suddenly become much more positive online, but this latest meltdown and his wife's reported disapproval could have something to do with it. Listen to the audio above.



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