Kanye West has shared a series of Twitter rants as of late that even Kim Kardashian is reportedly not super into. First, he promised to win over 100 Grammys before he dies and asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion—on Twitter. After the Grammys and the Taylor Swift shade, the rapper made a full turn around, summoned positive energy, and encouraged his fans to "never give up on your dreams."

He's back on Twitter today and once again sharing positive energy only. For probably the first time ever, the rapper admits that he does have an ego. While this is a surprise to literally no one, it's a revelation for the rapper who has never made any sort of similar admission. "My number one enemy has been my ego… there is only one thrown and that’s God's."

Kanye also admits that he doesn't own the rap throne and that "every rapper is someone's favorite. Some rappers got the club … Some got the radio… some got the conscience…some got the streets… Everybody has something they do the best…" WHO is this Kanye? Is this the calming force of Kim Kardashian at work? Or North? Or The Life of Pablo creative consultant baby Saint? It's hard to say, but there is definitely some positive energy being sent out this Yeezy season. Read all of Kanye's latest tweets below.