Justin Bieber Slides Into Fan's DMs to Reveal "What Do You Mean?" Lyrics

Who knew Justin Bieber was this good at riddles?

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Over the past few weeks, Justin Bieber has recruited all of his favorite celeb friends (and a dog) from big brother Shaq (who spelled his name wrong) to Canadian royalty Alanis Morissette to Ariana Grande to queen of everything Hilary Duff to promote his new single "What Do You Mean" to his 36+ million Instagram followers leading up to its release. Yesterday Bieber took to Twitter to reveal the lyrics to his new single. How? By sliding into his ultra fans' DMs like any good millennial would.

check ur dms and the time on the clock ;) put it together. #whatdoyoumean

The DMs contained a line from the song along with an image of a clock signifying the lyric order in which fans were asked to piece together the lyrics line by line. The DMs included lyrics like the one below. 

@DREWSUICIDOU #MTVHottest Justin Bieber pic.twitter.com/VAIcxhZReQ

But since there's 49 of them, skip to the full lyrics put together by one uber belieber below. Look for "What Do You Mean" to drop next Friday August 28.

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