Is a New Frank Ocean Song Coming Soon?

Never lose hope, folks.

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Earlier this week, A-Trak tweeted out a very intriguing message warning fans to be on the lookout for a new song called "White Ferrari." According to the veteran producer/DJ, it will be the "best thing" we'll hear this year. Vampire Weekend's own Rostam Batmanglij—who has worked on tracks with Diplo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and more—quickly agreed with A-Trak's cryptic announcement.

@atrak yup

So, how does Frank Ocean fit into all of this? As you know, Frank left the internet in tears when his rumored sophomore albumBoys Don't Cry, never came after his website teased a release date of July 2015. Fans have since wasted no time in speculating on any clues to new Frank.

This isn't the first time the title "White Ferrari" has been associated with the singer. In October, a user from the Kanye West fan forum Kanye To The commented that he had a friend who was in contact with Frank, and that his friend "told me to remember these words: White Ferrari." So there's that.

The connection between Frank Ocean and "White Ferrari" continues as NME points out London nightlife promoter Tremaine Emory responded to A-Trak's tweet, claiming "White Ferrari" is featured on the "album of the year," and even went as far as to say it's the "album of the decade." It should be noted that Emory reportedly hosted a party attended by Frank earlier this year.


Finally, there is this Twitter user who, like all of us, is searching every corner of the internet for any clue about new material from Frank.

@atrak how much am i reaching by suggesting it looks like -rari on that chalkboard ?

For what it's worth, "White Ferrari" isn't registered on ASCAP as of this writing. Could people be reaching for the truth? Most likely. But at this point, any shred of evidence warrants a closer look because new Frank Ocean music is worth fighting and over-speculating for.

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