The Hamburger Helper Mascot May Have Just Cooked Up One of the Hottest Mixtapes of the Year

Tracks "Feed the Streets" and "In Love With the Glove" are instant classics.

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Lefty, the Hamburger Helper mascot, might have just cooked up its greatest achievement yet with the new mixtape, Watch the Stove. If you're not familiar, the four-fingered glove has actually been not-so-quietly hinting at its future rap career by stanning some of his musical idols, hunting for guest features on Twitter, and offering glimpses of time in the studio. Still, no one was prepared for five tracks as lit as this. Tracks like "Feed the Streets" and "In Love With the Glove" arrive as almost instant food classics with quickfire lines like  "I don’t want no beef unless it’s ’bout those cheeks.” 

On the mixtape, Lefty gets a helping hand from Minnesota artists Dequexatron X000 made up of members DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip & Bobby Raps along with collaborations with McNally Smith College of Music students to realize Lefty's full rap vision. There are even music videos for two of the songs. The first features Lefty finding love in the club ("In Love With the Glove"). The second takes Lefty straight back to the '90s for a prime visual cut that could easily have played during a SNICK commercial break. Dig in to Watch the Stove below and be prepared to come back for seconds.

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