DJ Khaled Shares Some Much Needed Keys to Success for Jeb Bush

Listen up, Jeb, because you're about to get the key.

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DJ Khaled is quickly unlocking the world as he showers Snapchat and those in need with his keys to success. During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to channel Khaled's motivational gift for good use so he asked him to make a video for "someone who needs it. Someone who is really down right now: Jeb Bush."

Once Khaled gets it out of the way that he rocks with President Barack Obama, he digs into his treasure trove of motivation to pick up a man when he's down. "You a leader! You a Bush! Another One." It turns out Jeb took the clip to heart. "Thanks @djkhaled — had my green apples for breakfast," he said on Twitter. Watch DJ Khaled dish out jewels above and don't miss his full performance of "All I Do Is Win," "Jumpman," "I Don't Play About My Paper," and "You Mine" alongside Future here

Thanks @djkhaled — had my green apples for breakfast

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