Calvin Harris Reportedly Wants to Make New Music With Kanye West (UPDATE)

In the wake of #FamousGate, Calvin Harris reportedly wants to make new music with Kanye West and break the internet all over again.

calvin harris instagram selfie house

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calvin harris instagram selfie house

UPDATED July 27, 3:45 p.m. ETDespite previous reports, TMZ says that sources close to Calvin Harris says he does not want to work with Kanye West on music right now, because he knows that would be seen as a Taylor Swift diss and he wants to distance himself from their breakup. The two artists are not friends and don't hang out, but share a mutual respect, so we can still hope that they will link up in the future when all the Swift drama has subsided.

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Could a Calvin Harris and Kanye West collaboration happen? According to E! News, the two artists allegedly think highly of one another and would be down to make some music together.

A "source" close to Harris says that he "wants to make some music with [West] down the road" and thinks 'he is "brilliant with music." It's hard to believe a source, but we don't doubt that Harris admires the work of Yeezus. Just a few days ago, Harris took to Snapchat to lip sync along to Kanye's verse on ScHoolBoy Q's latest single, "THat Part." Coincidentally, another "source" allegedly close to the Kardashians happened to tell E! News that they "always thought" that Harris was talented. Sources are never the most reliable information, but the network definitely has a close connection with the famous family as the home of their reality show.

Since FamousGate went down, there has been even more proof that the trio is on good terms. Harris recently ran into Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas to celebrate Jennifer Lopez's birthday where they hung out and chatted by themselves. Fortunately, French Montana took it upon himself to post proof of the hangout on his own Instagram.

There is also no love lost between Harris and Taylor Swift after Swift suddenly revealed she helped write his hit song with Rihanna called "This Is What You Came For," which came across pretty petty to everyone else, including Harris. "Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though 🤔," he tweeted at the time.

We'll have to wait and see if the pair do come together on what would likely be a pretty epic and internet breaking collaboration. The two artists are bound to run into each other at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards where both are nominated for multiple categories, so maybe they can hammer out the idea then. 

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