Even Bow Wow Thinks His 2016 Grammy Awards Fail Is Hilarious

He finally watched his fail on 'The Late Late Show.'

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If you watched the Grammys, you probably saw Bow Wow fail hard when he attempted to introduce the award show twice during his stint hosting the Pre-Grammys live show. Bow Wow stopped by The Late Late Show where host James Corden brilliantly made him watch his embarrassing and untimely attempts to properly kick off the show. If you don't remember, Bow Wow introduced the show, and then walked into the audience where he then introduced the show again. Bow Wow told Corden the cause of confusion had to do with his co-host running behind and the producers telling him in his ear to introduce the show thinking she was ready. “As we’re going down the loading dock, Nancy gets up, she has her heels and she’s running... Because she has these heels on, it’s delaying everything.”

Of course, Bow Wow never wanted to stop the show so danced with the band, interacted with the audience, and did everything he could to keep the show moving before throwing it to host LL Cool J. It all made for one pretty hilarious moment. Watch Bow Wow relive it all above. During his appearance, Bow Wow also offered his opinion on Kanye West's recent Twitter rants with fellow guest Dr. Phil, which you can check out here.

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