Kendrick Lamar Says "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Will Be Considered a "Classic"

He also speaks on plans for Black Hippy album and "Detox."

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We caught up with the man of the hour, Compton's own Kendrick Lamar, before he tore the house down at the Samsung Galaxy Note II release party last night in Beverly Hills. He gave us some of that Hii Powered insight on the positive impact his album is having in his old neighborhood, and the precise moves of his TDE operation.

How do you feel about the world's response to good kid m.A.A.d city?
Couldn't be better. It's just great reviews and it lets me know that people appreciate a body of work rather than just one song, you know? It feels great. I've been on this BET tour while this album has been out. It leaked a week ahead, so just the response of people getting [the leaked version] and saying they're still going to purchase the album anyways—that's a great feeling because they feel it's a classic. it's classic worthy. Once it gets a few years behind it they'll be looking back saying "Yeah, Kendrick Lamar made a classic his first album." 

Once it gets a few years behind it they'll be looking back saying 'Yeah, Kendrick Lamar made a classic his first album.'

My partner named Matt, from the neighborhood, west side of Compton, told me that my album is restoring a lot of relationships in the neighborhood. Ones that have been broken for a while. When you hear the stories they're really detailed and personal, not just from myself but for people that grew up with me. 

Will there ever be peace between Crips and Bloods in L.A.?
It'll take years. The spark of the idea starts with this album. It's been done before, but it'll take years to patch that up. 

What's next?

We're just hittin' the road, I'm going to Europe. They say the album's doing incredible out there. We've sold almost 200,000 units out of the states which is ridiculous so probably be certified gold worldwide, which would be crazy. We're giving back to them as well, they've been supporting since day one, too.

Will there be a full-length visual companion to GKMC?
That's a good question... in the works. It's in the works.

What about a Black Hippy album?
We really wanted to focus on this, so eventually we'll get back in the lab as Black Hippy. Our main focus was getting this off the ground and continue to push it. we didn't wanna stop after first week sales. First week sales is great, but we still want people to continue to digest it and continue to purchase it. 

Why the absence of Ab-Soul and ScHoolBoy Q on GKMC?
I really wanted to save that look for our next strategic chess move. ScHoolBoy Q and Ab-Soul are on Section.80, Jay Rock wasn't on Section.80. This is my debut album, Jay Rock was on this album. We playin' strategic for that next move. That's something that the world doesn't know. We sit in the studio and plan this out. It's not just me saying I'm gonna put Jay Rock on this, this is us as a collective. We've been doing things strategically for a minute as far as me coming out, then ScHoolBoy Q, then Ab-Soul. It's all in the plan... it's all in the works. 

And finally, what's the word on Detox?
It may fall out the sky on y'all...

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