Since Meek Mill Hasn't Responded, Drake Listens To Himself

Drake listens to himself "Back To Back."

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If you're Drake and you've just released your second Meek Mill diss track in a row and are still waiting for a response, what do you do? Maybe you plan out your third point of attack, or maybe you just listen to "Back To Back" again and again. There's no way of knowing which rapper will send out the next barb, but now, thanks to OVO affiliate and Drake pal Baka, we have footage of Drizzy himself listening to...himself. It's kind of a power move if you think about it, and really, "Back To Back" is begging for that repeat spin anyway. 

Check out Drake bobbing his head to his own diss below. And by the looks of it, the OVO guys are just sitting around waiting at this point. 

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